Maggot Infested Donut Sticker

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The sign out front says this donut shop passed their health inspection but you have your doubts. A vanilla doughnut with pink frosting and blue sprinkles screams out your name! What do you do?

A) Ignore the creepy crawlies and take a bite - Plus 10 points for added protein

B) Say no to maggots and stay hungry - Minus 13 points for being wimpy

C) Complain about the multiple spellings of 'doughnut' - Lose all your friends

Maggoty Donut Sticker - 3" x 2.63" (7.5cm x 6.75cm)
Wormy Doughnut Stickah - 3" x 2.63" (7.5cm x 6.75cm)
Boogs on Do Nut Stee Ka - 3" x 2.63" (7.5cm x 6.75cm)


Made in USA