hannibal barbie mask

The Artist
I'm not a person who takes a lot of selfies or has a super glamorous fake online life (admiring the fiction, not hating on it). Instead I like to create my lookbook with things I've created. The majority of the time I am lured most by the strange and sometimes macabre. I also have a wicked sweet tooth and a childish admiration for pastels. All these things blend together as the base for a really weird soup of ideas. Now that a couple bunnies have been added to my life its become a really weird rabbit soup of ideas. They seem to take over my thoughts and my projects. If there isn't already bunnies listed in my shop today, you can fully expect to see them infecting this website shortly.

cn tower torontoThe Business
Crimeberry is a handmade small business operating out of Toronto, Canada. It originally started on Etsy in 2007 under the name 'Beat Black'. I sold jewelry and figurines with everything being handmade from polymer clay, without the use of molds. The last job I took on was recreating the Ugly Cupcake Necklace for the movie Spy. I had barely made their cut off date for shipping due to repetitive stress injuries in my hands and knew I would be saying goodbye to polymer clay for a long while. I closed up shop. When I finally did reopen again I changed the name to Crimeberry and here we are.

Nearly all of the pieces on this website are still made by hand. I now create molds and use resin in addition to polymer clay. Some items however are mass produced elsewhere and will list the country of origin in their descriptions. Nothing on this website is offered by any other brand or company. It's all One of a kind merchandise from Crimeberry <3