Jawbreaker Locket Necklace 3

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Available on Etsy 'Jawbreaker Locket with candy layers inside'

The Jawbreaker Lockets have made their return! I'm a sucker for candy so naturally these necklaces were bound to show up again. First created in 2011 under the name "Beat Black", these new lockets have had a bit of a facelift but still maintain their kawaii flavour. 

All jawbreakers have been handmade from polymer clay and strung onto a stainless steel necklace. A small "C" has been hidden on the back of all candy.

Inside: pastel purple, blue, green and pink

Jawbreaker Locket - 3/4" x 3/4" (2cm x 2cm)
Stainless Steel Necklace - 20" (70cm)

Polymer Clay, Metal Locket, Stainless Steel Chain

Handmade in Canada