win an ugly cupcake necklace II - the sequel.

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win an ugly cupcake necklace II - the sequel.

From today until the 10th of November you can enter this giveaway for a chance to own a "Crazy Cupcake" Necklace like the one given to Agent Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) in the movie Spy!

SPy movie Cupcake Necklace

This necklace was originally created and sold back in 2010 under my former business name. The handmade versions may be hard to come by at the moment but soon enough there'll be ugly cupcakes available to purchase through this website.... complete with adjustable toggle. Until that time comes, we're giving away another one! huzzah

Win the ugly cupcake necklace

There are 7 different ways to enter that all start with joining the mailing list. That's right, I've turned to the dark side and now I'm asking for things. But by subscribing you'll be kept up to date with not only these cupcakes but the new product as well (t-shirts, jewelry, collectibles).

If you're feeling real ambitious you can grab the most amount of entries by creating your own ugly cupcake art in any medium you'd like. Seriously, draw it in the foggy mirror after your shower or line up your skittles on the table.

You don't need to be a professional artist or dedicate more than a couple minutes to your masterpiece. However you do need to take a picture before the fog on the mirror dries up. It makes an easy way to grab 50 entries and greatly increases your odds.


Ugly Cupcakes

Another way to rake 'em in is through your own personalized link created in the "Refer Friends For Extra Entries" button. Each person who enters the giveaway through your link will gain you 5 extra entries. Get sneaky and be the first to link to your friends. If someone links them first you'll lose out on precious entries for yourself. Recruit your family, your dog and the neighbors dog if they have an email address.

These giveaways are dwindling down so if you really want to own a rarely offered handmade Ugly Cupcake Necklace, this will be one of the last chances.

good luck <3 <3 <3


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