ugly cupcake sample arrives.

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ugly cupcake sample arrives.

It's been two full years since the release of the movie Spy and I'm still receiving emails about the Ugly Cupcake Necklaces!!! I hear you guys so now its one step closer to becoming a reality, complete with black cord and toggle as requested.

I won't bore you with the details or mistakes I made while trying to narrow down the right manufacturer... just know they exist. That's why when I saw these pictures from the factory, I had to wait until I could see it in person before sharing the news.

resin ugly cupcake sample from the side resin ugly cupcake sample from the back resin ugly cupcake sample from the bottom

This is only a sample to show the paint and casting capabilities of the factory. The real ones won't be made of resin as it can be a bit too fragile for the potentially ridiculous ways these necklaces may be abused. Instead I've opted for the ever durable pvc, think kidrobot collectibles. This means turning them into key chains is no longer off the table as it used to be with the handmade polymer clay ones. The package containing the sample arrived in June.

box containing the ugly cupcake sample

And here he is in all his ugliness. The next step for the factory will be creating a metal mould for the bulk of the uggos. This takes roughly 25 days to complete. The next sample I receive will show exactly what the cupcake, necklace and packaging will look like before moving ahead with the full order.

resin ugly cupcake sample from the front

So now the countdown is on. If everything goes according to plan (keep in mind that's not always the case with these things) we're looking at having Ugly Cupcakes available to purchase in October. Lets cross our fingers


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