Movie Inspired Countdown to Halloween - Sleepy Hollow

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Movie Inspired Countdown to Halloween - Sleepy Hollow

It's no secret that some of my jewelry has been inspired by Tim Burton movies. I've always admired his use of stripes, grungy finishes and expressive eyes. With so many movies to choose from it was difficult to narrow it down. Sleepy Hollow won out today but Beetlejuice isn't completely off the table yet.

sleepy hollow movie poster

Jack o'lantern necklaces have long been a best seller in person. Nearly every show I've vended someone has stopped by the pumpkins and mentioned tim burton so wanted to attempt the real thing. Pumpkin heads are still a little too much like what I usually produce so I wanted to try to create a still shot from the movie as well... A crafty version from this specific freeze frame.

pumpkin head

Determined to use supplies that were already hanging around the house, I gathered up some hay, q-tips, tape, a paper towel and some paint. It couldn't have been more simple.

jackolantern locket handmade

And the end result. Is this an unnecessarily complicated stand for a jack o'lantern locket?... Or a giant scarecrow necklace that hangs down to your belly button?

pumpkin locket from sleepy hollow movie

Naw, its just another jack o'lantern locket with gutty insides, this time its pumpkin brains.

jackolantern locket brains



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