Movie Inspired Countdown to Halloween - Hannibal

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Movie Inspired Countdown to Halloween - Hannibal

The movies and tv shows I grew up with have heavily influenced everything I make. Over the past month or two I've been gathering ideas for pieces inspired by horror (ish) movies. Although they aren't strictly Halloween related, this seems the best time to post them.

hannibal movie posters

If you're familiar with the clay creations I used to make these movie posters might make you think "HANNIBAL MASK NECKLACE!". You're not wrong. I am exactly that simple and even started making that very necklace. It felt good to smush it up since my polymer clay version was stupid boring. Its a mask that just doesn't feel complete without some eyes. See what I mean?

Enter Barbie. While cruising a Value Village I picked up two neglected dolls trapped in a plastic bag. Their hair was an unfixable amount of messy and they only came with one shirt between the two of them but at $2.99 it was a done deal. A few days later Hannibal Barbie was born.

hannibal barbie face mask made from polymer clay

And because the bag did come with two Barbies, the other ones head was carefully sliced open to reveal a hot pink brain lunch for both dolls to munch on. Well Hellooo Ms. Krendler!

krendlers brains hannibal movie art

"Tehehe, Let's do lunch"


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