Movie Inspired Countdown to Halloween - Army of Darkness

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Movie Inspired Countdown to Halloween - Army of Darkness

It's difficult not to love Bruce Campbell. I grew up watching him as Jack Stiles from Jack of all Trades, The King of Thieves from Xena and most notably Ash from Army of Darkness.

army of darkness movie poster

A polymer clay Necronomicon locket was already in the plans but my research for reference pictures turned up something I never would have expected. An Army of Darkness and Xena crossover?! O my yes and it oddly makes so much sense.

army of darkness xena crossover comics

So this isn't just any ole Necronomicon locket. Inside these pages, written in blood are a few words about Xenas original Chakram, the spell to improve it and a blurb about the blood that it will spill, yada yada.

necronimicon locket necklace handmade from polymer clay

'Klaatu barada nikto'


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