Movie Inspired Countdown to Halloween - Aliens

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Movie Inspired Countdown to Halloween - Aliens

Out of all the Alien movies the second one always sticks to my mind the most. I first watched it on tv when I was young. I was so into it. The commercial breaks, as infuriating as they were, became question time. 'Whats this movie called? ...Whats it really called? They wouldn't call it Aliens! You're joking!... Are you joking? Who threw the tv guide out?'

aliens original movie poster

Whelp, it was Aliens. Many months back I began sculpting an Alien egg locket for myself. It was never something I intended to sell so when I stopped feeling it, I placed the unfinished egg aside for another day. That day finally sprang up this October. I went with a blueish exterior as a nod to the lighting in Aliens.

aliens movie egg necklaces

This is totally just one egg manipulated in photoshop to be the egg cluster from the movie but I did make a mould before I painted it. When I was making it for myself I had settled on a facehugger from an H.R. Giger concept drawing that never even made it into the movie. It was a kind of personal reminder that there's a process behind the finished product.

H.R Giger Alien egg concept drawing

When the half formed polymer clay design resurfaced I chose to alter it to become more like the facehugger we've all grown to love. That's why it still sort of resembles the first Alien in this drawing from 1977/78 (Alien was released in 1979).

aliens movie egg lockets

I still think it'd be cool to create the concept egg one day. Until then expect to see this Alien Locket again in green, brown..... and a special bizarre version for a certain holiday.


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