how to make your own candy sushi.

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how to make your own candy sushi.

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candy sushi

Colourful handmade Candy Sushi you can smell right through the screen. Mmmmm, smells like the candy aisle in a 7/11. For this recipe I ditched the typical Rice Krispies in favour of a Thai Coconut (extra) Sticky (extra purple) Rice.

The one main secret to this recipe is Saran Wrap, so if you don't have any in stock, you'll most likely end up eating a bowl of Sticky Rice with candy thrown on top. Not a terrible alternative either because this Sticky Rice is great on its own.

There are endless candy choices out there. Forget whats on the list and choose your favorites.... except for the crushed Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos. They may not be the first thing you would think to pair with any of the other ingredients shown but it has become the only way I eat my sugared rainbows. #itsnecessary

Make time: 2hr. (includes waiting for rice to sit)
Serves: 2 people


candy sushi ingredients

Sweet Rice
Shredded Coconut
Coconut Milk
Food Colouring
Jalapeno Cheetos
Chocolate Wafers
Swedish Fish
Rainbow Candy Strips
Mini Gummy Bears
Mike and Ikes
Skor Minis
Optional - Pudding


Coconut Rice Pudding.

coconut rice pudding ingredients

3/4 cup Water
1/2 cup Sweet Rice

Food Colouring
1/4 cup Coconut Milk
1/4 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Shredded Coconut (optional)
Pinch of Salt


Pour the Water and Rice into a rice cooker. Stir in two drops of food colouring. Press the lever down.

Place a small pot on the stove over medium heat. Pour the rest of the ingredients into the pot and mix in two more drops of food colouring. Cook this mixture for 5-8 minutes without letting it reach a boil. You don't want it to burn, only to cook long enough to dissolve the sugar. Turn off stove (der) and set aside.

Once your rice cooker has popped, take it off the heat source and let it sit for 10 minutes. Pour your toxic looking stovetop goo into the rice and stir well. Let it sit for one hour while you prep.

Makes enough for 4 pieces of each sushi (12 total)

Tip: Toasting the coconut first will add extra flavour but screw up the vibrant colour in your rice by adding little brown bits.



CHOP Cashews and Pistachios coarsely


PEEL Rainbows in 3 and 1 Colour Sections

jalapeno cheetos

CRUSH Jalapeno Cheetos  (A+ with candy)

Swedish Fish Tempura.

Swedish Fish Tempura

 Wax Paper
Swedish Fish
Chocolate Wafers
Chopped Cashews


Cut a sheet of wax paper. Set aside.

Place 8 or so large chocolate wafers in a shallow bowl. Microwave the bowl in 30 second intervals, taking out to stir well each time until chocolate is thoroughly melted. Do not over cook, because ew.

Pour the chocolate into a small container that's deep enough to coat most of the fishes body. Dip Swedish fish in the melted chocolate, rid of excess chocolate then coat in the chopped cashews.

Place on wax paper and let them rest until they harden.

Makes 12 Swedish Fish Tempura

Shortcut: look at the middle picture... then do it

Sushi Time.

Pistachio Crusted Candy Sushi Rolls:

pistachio crusted sushi rolls

Saran Wrap
Rice Pudding
Chopped Pistachios
Candy for Center


Cut 1 foot of saran wrap.

Spoon enough of the Rice Pudding on the wrap to cut 6 Rolls. Close the wrap around the rice and shape into a log. Apply pressure to keep the rice firmly in place and stuck together.

how to roll sushi candy rolls

Unwrap and lay chopped pistachios on the saran. Roll the rice back and forth with the help of the saran wrap until the outside is evenly coated.

Close the wrap again. Roll a couple more times to ensure the pistachios adhere to the rice.

Unwrap. Slice her into 3/4" pieces.

Scoop out a small hole in the center. Add your candy.

Tip: Dip knife into hot water before cutting to keep the rice from sticking

Skor Bar Sushi Rolls:

Skor Bar Candy Sushi Rolls

Saran Wrap
Rice Pudding
Candy Rainbow Strips
Skor Minis


Cut a small piece of saran wrap, place a couple spoonfuls of rice pudding into the center.

Close the wrap with a twist and squeeze into shape.

Unwrap. Place your Skor minis on top and wrap the entire thing with the strip of rainbow you peeled earlier.

Display on your plate with the rainbow strip tucked underneath the roll.

Tip: If you don't think you want to eat these in one bite, use a softer candy on top.

Rainbow Wrapped Candy Sushi Rolls:

Rainbow Wrapped Candy Sushi Rolls

Saran Wrap
Sticky Rice
Candy Rainbows
Candy for Center
Crushed Jalapeno Cheetos


Scoop a small amount of the Rice pudding into the same piece of small saran wrap cut for the Skor Bar Rolls and shape into a ball.

Unwrap and place into the center of a circled strip of rainbow. 

Press the rice down using your saran wrap to prevent the rice from sticking to your fingers. Keep some room unfilled at the top so you don't have overflow.

Add your candy to the center

Once plated (seam side down), add the crushed jalapeno cheetos to the top.

How To wrap rainbow candy sushi rolls

Tip(ish): Don't expect the sugar coated rainbows to stick to anything, that includes themselves. Rainbows are pretty but they're also giant A$$h*les. You'll need to be crafty here unless you want to eat glue.

Ta-Da!! dinner is served....

Candy Sushi

the end.


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