cyber monday and ugly cupcakes.

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cyber monday and ugly cupcakes.

The Cupcakes have arrived!! Those of you who have followed the adventure know it was a bumpy road but its led to ... a whole lotta cupcakes.

ugly cupcake order boxes

Pre-Orders have been shipped off all over the world from Canada to Japan and quite a few countries in between. The regular listing for the Ugly Cupcake Necklaces are now posted HERE

From now until noon on Tuesday 28 2017 use the coupon code  'UGLYCUPCAKES'  on your  Cupcake to get the Pre-Order price of $25CAD (plus shipping). There is no limit on how many time you can use this code.

or use coupon code  'CYBERMONDAY15'  to get 15% off of your full order.

If you need your order in time for Christmas, be sure to order by the dates posted below. Missed the cut off date? there is still the option of upgraded shipping. It is costly however so best not to rely on it unless absolutely necessary.

holiday cut of dates for shipping from crimeberry

Happy Thanksgiving mon American amies

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