an ugly cupcake necklace III - the winner.

an ugly cupcake necklace III - the winner.

Winner of  the Ugly Cupcake Necklace, Jessica R


Yay Jessica! Your Ugly Cupcake Necklace will be mailed out to you this week. In fact he's so excited he started packing himself... too much tissue paper little buddy. 

Jessica won with the daily bonus entry. Screenshot of the winner


But Jessica is not the only one getting a prize. Wesley's referral numbers didn't stop climbing so as a bonus, he is getting an Ugly Cupcake Sticker. This cupcake is not so excited for anything and insists I pack his ugly a$$ up myself... le sigh


Ugly Cupcake Sticker for Wesley D


Thank You everyone who entered and signed up for the newsletter. At the moment I have no product but I'm grateful to still have some support before things get started <3

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