an ugly cupcake necklace II - the winner.

an ugly cupcake necklace II - the winner.

Congratulations to Precilla! You've just nabbed the second Ugly Cupcake Necklace.

Winner Precilla B

There were over 1000 entries, the majority of them belonging to the artists. In the end it was Precilla who took the prize from her submission of the ever so -itchy ,"you can't sit with us!" and bitten cupcake duo.

Random Cupcake Winner

The winner was picked by the Overlords through the gleam app. Everyone who confirmed their sign up to the newsletter had their shot at the necklace.

Thank you to everyone who entered, especially to those of you who created your own crazy/ugly cupcake art.  Words are naught and I'd like to show you how thankful I really am. Therefore everyone who joined the newsletter has been given a secret link to get the gift of a booby prize mailed to their door!

Ugly Cupcake Contest

There's only one last handmade ugly cupcake necklace to be given away. Be sure to follow @TrueCrimeberry or check your inbox to learn when the next one will appear. (UNNECESSARY SPOILER ALERT.... it'll appear in December)


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